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PAST Webinars

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Do you have the knowledge and understanding of a current event you want to share with the general public? If you can effectively discuss your area of expertise in lay terms, you can reach millions of people in an op-ed article. This genre of writing has been influential in shaping others opinions, raising awareness, and even informing public policy. In the process, you can raise your profile as a expert, all for less effort than it takes to write a typical journal article.


Dr. Gigi Award will guide you through the essential components of op-eds that will actually get published. Raise your research profile in the public sector while making a difference.

Gigi Awad presented this webinar March 12, 2020.

Become a Research Rockstar One Tweet at a Time

Do you wonder why anyone would want to ‘Tweet’, let alone why they would talk about research on Twitter? Twitter is an excellent place to broadly share your work with the general public and other academics—plus it is easy and quick to do so! This webinar will talk about quick and easy ways you can disseminate your research in 280 characters or less!

Leave behind imposter syndrome and respectability politics to feature your work on the center stage for all to see. Rock out witcha bad self and become a Research Rockstar one Tweet at a time!

NiCole Buchanan presented this webinar January 28, 2020.

This Ain't Your Grandma's Website

What does your website say about you? Do you rely on your institution's cookie-cutter website? It may be time for you to switch things up! For underrepresented and marginalized faculty, developing a well-designed website can promote your scholarship, establish your professional identity, and boost your brand. And yet, many of us don't give much time or attention to our websites. This webinar will cover the pros and cons of various website approaches and offer a map for development.

Kim Case presented this webinar December 11, 2019.

Owning your Assets & Digital Identity

More than simply “grand standing” or “tooting your own horn”, self-promotion involves taking responsibility to talk about your skills and expertise. This self-promotion is also critical if you want to get your work noticed in the academia- especially if you are an under represented or racial/ethnic minority faculty member.


When effectively implemented, digital self- promotion efforts can increase individuals’ social influence. Thus, it is critical that faculty embrace and master appropriate approaches in order to navigate the realities of academia

Dionne Stephens presented this webinar November 6, 2019.

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